Thursday, September 19, 2013

Going through the Portal

Watch the next live hangout here on and you can ask questions live. There is a new function on Hangouts that lets you come in and join live and ask questions. I see them when they roll in, and I’m happy to try my best to answer them all! Believe it or not, this woman was my waitress! She brought Tom and I some richly decorated food, most of which we were not allowed to eat. It was a very strange day, actually. They invited us here for a very formal Chinese lunch, but they actually wanted me to take photos of the food, but I found her more interesting! She did end up bringing us some food we could finally eat. Actually, she brought us some ground beef inside some bread and told us the history of the DragonLady. She went through this rich history about The DragonLady and how she got bored and decided to invent sliders. This is the short version of the story, of course!

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